Dawn Richard Says Diddy Used to Tell Girls on His Show They're 'Ugly' and Needed Plastic Surgery
Wild Wayne Unchained

The Danity Kane singer recalls Diddy making heartless comments about female contestants on his MTV reality show 'Making the Band' and bullying her on the last day before he sent her home.

AceShowbiz - As P. Diddy was gearing up to launch a new "Making the Band", former contestant Dawn Richard opened up on her past experience with the music mogul on the MTV reality show and it's not so pleasant. "He would bring us in the room and say, 'You're ugly. You gotta fix your face.' Wild stuff," she said on "Wild Wayne Unchained" podcast.

"He was preparing us for what the industry would be," the Danity Kane singer continued. "But if we would have done what we did in this time, Puff would have been crucified. Because you can't talk to women now - what he was saying, it was aggressive. It was really aggressive. It was crazy."

"The last time before he picked the band he made me change twelve times," she recalled. "I just knew I was going home, the reason why he made me change was going to pick me the whole time but he made me feel like s*** and be stressed out because he wanted to see if I'd be off my game. .. and he would be like she's not worth it."

Despite her less than positive dealing with Diddy, Richard thanked him for teaching her to "have the tools to be ready; lessons, bread crumbs that I will take."

"He's exactly who everyone thinks he is," she said. "He didn't change. He was exactly what I thought he would be. He gave me an opportunity and it was up to me to figure out what to do with that. He didn't owe me anything, nobody really does in this industry. You've got to figure that out for yourself. If you're smart, you'll make an opportunity happen for yourself."

While Dawn Richard still praised Diddy despite his verbal and mental abuse, some other artists were not so kind with their criticisms towards Diddy. Mase and Sauce Money called him hypocrite for preaching black excellence when he allegedly mistreated and swindled his own artists.

In an interview, Jadakiss recalled fellow rapper Styles P throwing a chair at Diddy during a heated argument when they wanted to be released from his record label Bad Boy.

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