Liam Neeson Gets Drawn Into 'Ordinary Love' Due to Bono
WENN/Patricia Schlein

During an interview on 'Good Morning America', the 'Taken' actor spills how he made a leap from doing action films to taking on the romantic role opposite Lesley Manville.

AceShowbiz - The producers of new movie "Ordinary Love" were so keen to recruit Liam Neeson for the film they asked Bono for his help.

Fearing the Northern Irish action man would turn down a romantic role, which was actually created with him in mind, the film bosses turned to the rocker and asked him to get the script to the "Taken" star.

"My old pal Bono says, 'Read this... I couldn't stop turning the pages'," Liam tells "Good Morning America". "So I thought, 'OK, I'll read it...', and it was true. I literally couldn't stop."

Neeson teams up with revered British actress Lesley Manville for the new movie and it was a joy to work with someone he has admired for years.

"Working with her is like taking a walk in the park," he says.

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