Ozzy Osbourne Got Cocaine Coming Out of His Ears During Police Raid
WENN/Michael Wright

The Black Sabbath rocker remembers hiding from cops and snorting all the cocaine the band had in the house when they got a surprise visit from law enforcement.

AceShowbiz - Ozzy Osbourne became a cocaine-fuelled demon for four days after snorting powder during a police raid.

The drama, which inspired the rocker's new song "It's a Raid", was all Ozzy's fault, because he pressed a panic button he thought was the air conditioning control while recording Black Sabbath's fourth album in Bel Air, California in the early 1970s.

As police officers arrived, the "Paranoid" singer scooped up the marijuana and cocaine laid out for the band and locked himself away in a toilet.

During a recent chat with Sirius XM, Ozzy reveals he briefly considered flushing the drugs, but decided to snort the cocaine instead, hoping the police officers wouldn't find him.

A pal finally knocked on the door and told Ozzy it was safe to come out as the police had gone.

"I've got coke coming out of my f**king ears!" he said. "I didn't sleep for four days after that."

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