Jim Carrey Didn't Audition for 'Saturday Night Live' Because of Suicide Drama

In an interview, the 'Sonic the Hedgehog' star recalls the time when he witnessed someone trying to commit suicide the moment he got out of NBC building in San Fernando Valley.

AceShowbiz - Jim Carrey knew his "Saturday Night Live" audition was doomed when he arrived at the studio as a page was contemplating suicide.

"The Mask" star made his mark on TV comedy sketch show "In Living Color", but he tanked his "SNL" try out - and he reveals all the signs were there it was not going to go well.

"I got out at NBC in the (San Fernando) Valley and I was like, 'Gosh, I hope this is a lucky day for me'," he tells "Lights Out" host David Spade. "I walked out of my car, closed the door, and I heard, 'Don't do it! Don't jump!'"

"I looked up at the top of the NBC building and there was a page in a blue coat trying to get his nerve up, standing on the NBC logo trying to get his nerve up to jump off, and I went, 'Not a good sign'."

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