Raymond Santana's Girlfriend Dubbed Not Genuine in 'Sick' Video

Some people wonder why Raymond's fiance Deelishis puts on full makeup when she's resting in bed, while others claim that she's dating the member of the Exonerated Five for clout.

AceShowbiz - Raymond Santana put on a loved-up display with his fiance Deelishis in one of his recent Instagram posts, but many doubt her feelings for her. In a video posted on Wednesday, February 12, one of the Exonerated Five showed how he took care of his lady who was under the weather.

Deelishis was lying in what looks like a bed with full makeup on, while Raymond planted a kiss on her lips. He captioned the clip, "So today my Lady @iamsodeelishis is feeling a little bit under the weather, shes in bed resting up.. I kissed her before I left the house this morning, so I wanted to post this video, so when she watches it.. she can see and reminisce on our moments.. get well baby I will be back soon.. love you.." He added the hashtag "#blacklove #bedrest #kisses #passion."

While Raymond's post was about nothing but his love for his boo, many pointed out how Deelishis didn't look genuine in the video because she was wearing makeup while she was supposedly sick. "With a full face of makeup ?" a confused user asked. Another shared the same opinion, "she got on a full face of make up, bye."

Others went as far as accusing Deelishis, who describes herself as an "influencer" on her Instagram profile, of dating Raymond for clout or his money. "That was the 'I'm here for the money' look," one claimed. Another suggested, "She with him for clout." Someone else alleged of Deelishis, "She's trying to get that Central Park 5 money."

For this reason, other users advised him to end the relationship. "Raymond need to run man. No good can come from this," one wrote. Another commented on the video, "That poor man don’t know what he got his self into lol."

It's not clear which comments he was responding to, but Raymond has taken to the comment section of his post to shut down haters of their relationship. "WARNING * If ya post silly comments on my page, you will deleted and blocked.. HATING will not be tolerated...PERIOD," so her wrote.

Deelishis additionally explained that the video was taken when "Raymond playfully stealing a kiss from me knowing I was trying to film a lash video!" She then defended their relationship, "We choose to share these small moments with confidence knowing that we are more than happy with our relationship.. what you walk away feelings about it is your business!!! But please believe this is MY MAN, and I and HIS WOMAN and we are DONE letting you ignorant, strange, judgmental, SINGLE AND UNHAPPY BROKE MUTHAF**KA'S tell us what the f**k to do!"

Raymond was of five boys who were wrongly convicted of brutally attacking and raping a young woman in Central Park in 1990. Now known as the Exonerated Five, they were between 14 and 16 at the time of the incident. After spending years in prison, the convictions of the five men were overturned in 2002.

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