Amanda Seales Looks Annoyed When Jeannie Mai Kisses Loni Love

Even before the kiss, the comedienne has already started looking rather uncomfortable when her 'The Real' co-host discussed Corona virus and its impact to Asians.

AceShowbiz - It seems Amanda Seales doesn't really get along with Jeannie Mai. The comedienne was caught on camera making a mean face when her "The Real" co-host discussed Xenophobia in the Wednesday, February 12 episode of the show, and it got more apparent when the 41-year-old kissed Loni Love on the lips.

Amanda started looking rather uncomfortable when Jeannie discussed Corona virus and its impact to her race. Recalling the time she and Young Jeezy received racist comments while attending the New York Fashion Week, she said, "I saw in the comments on other blogs, a couple times of like, 'Don't be catching that Corona, Jeezy.' or 'She got that Corona that latched him in.' And that's so hurtful because there are people that are actually dying from this."

She continued, "I actually heard that there are schools that are considering to quarantine Asian kids because they just want to keep it safe. This is real life out there. So, I just want to say this. We know that misinformation coupled with fear leads to xenophobia. And xenophobia is a deep-rooted fear against foreigners. So we just got to do better and know that when it comes to yourself, educate yourself so that you don't give life to fears and misunderstandings."

Following her speech, she went on to give some audience members a hug to prove her point. Jeannie also kissed Loni on the lips, and that was when Amanda looked clearly annoyed and made a rather mean face. Because her expression was so apparent, many viewers of "The Real" noticed this and couldn't help but comment on it.

"Amanda can't hide her reaction over the kiss! It's literally all her face, no pun intended," one wrote, as another simply pointed, "Look at amanda's face when Jeannie kisses loni." One other noted, "I'm just not feeling Amanda anymore. She's so negative and always making mean faces. They should of just kept it at four."

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