City Girls' Yung Miami Comes Under Fire for Begging Fans to Send Her Birthday Money

The hip-hop star takes to Instagram to share a screenshot of her Cash App profile and writes, 'I want all my followers to send me $5 for my birthday and if you feeling generous send me $20!!'

AceShowbiz - It's normal for celebrities to be showered with presents when their birthdays come around, but Yung Miami might be asking a little too much. The one-half of City Girls landed in hot water after she took to Instagram to ask her social media followers to send her birthday money on Cash App.

Sharing a screenshot of her profile on the mobile payment service, Miami wrote, "I want all my followers to send me $5 for my birthday and if you feeling generous send me $20!! Thank you!" Her post was immediately met with backlash, with a lot of people pointing out that she should be the one sending her fans money instead of the other way around.

One person found it "weird when celebrities ask for money," adding, "You have a whole successful album that your fans already support it and you gotta be greedy." A second person called the whole situation "sickening" and said, "She should send her fans money TF." Another echoed, "Girl how bout u give all of us $5 df**k? These celebrities be trippin for real."

There were people who speculated that she might be broke hence the move. "I guess she broke broke," an individual commented. "That city girl money dried up already?" one other wondered, while another person chimed in, "She must be running low on money lol."

Meanwhile, one other dubbed her move "tacky," before saying, "She's been on a yacht in Mexico for the past couple days, something most of her followers will never experience, but she wanna ask them for birthday money smh. Ridiculous." Another wrote, "When the rich ask for money from the poor. We don't like her anymore!"

Miami has yet to respond to the backlash, though she deleted the post afterward. She also let them know that there were people sending her money for real.

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