'Bachelor' Recap: Find Out Which 4 Ladies Earn Hometown Dates With Peter Weber

There are six women left on the show, but only four of them will get the chance to have hometown dates with the pilot in the upcoming episode of the ABC dating show.

AceShowbiz - Peter Weber's season of "The Bachelor" returned on Monday, February 10. There were six women, Natasha Parker, Madison Prewett, Victoria Fuller, Kelley Flanagan, Hannah Ann Sluss and Kelsey Weir, left on the show, but only four of them got the chance to have hometown dates with the pilot in the next episode.

Kicking off the new episode, Peter and the ladies went to Peru before he had his first one-on-one date with Madison. She convinced Peter that she was serious about having him in her future. Later during the dinner, she talked about how important family and faith is to her.

Peter told her that he felt like his faith could be stronger sometimes, but insisted that it's still something that was very important to him. He also said to Madison that his feelings for her were super clear. Eventually, Peter gave Madison a rose which she happily accepted. That meant, Madison was among those whose family would get to meet Peter next week.

Next up for a one-on-one date was Natasha. She and Peter opted to explore a local town. Peter praised Natasha for being honest with him all season, though he wasn't sure if they were at the level where he wanted to meet her family. Natasha insisted that she saw something special with him, but Peter didn't feel the same way. At the end, he emilinated Natasha.

The final solo date was between Peter and Kelsey in which they had a fun day riding ATVs. During the date, they talked about their plans for kids and the future. She also opened up to Peter that she didn't have a good relationship with his dad and he wouldn't be at home if Peter went to her hometown. Peter respected Kelsey's honesty and she got a rose.

Later, Hannah Ann, Kelley and Victoria enjoyed a three-on-one date. Peter had a chat with Hannah Ann first and she read him a list of reasons why she's falling in love with Peter. Later with Kelley, she shared to Peter she was frustrated because she only got one on-on-one date. That prompted Peter to think if Hannah Ann was on the show just to have fun instead of searching for a husband.

It was then time for a moment with Victoria, but it was a bit weird. Despite having doubts, Peter still gave the rose to Victoria. Also joining for the hometown dates was Hannah Ann, meaning that Kelley was sent home.

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