Harvey Weinstein Accuser's Hotel Rape Story Refuted by Ex-Roommate

Giving defence team a glimmer of hope in the producer's sexual assault trial, actress Talita Maia testifies that she was in the next room while Jessica Mann and the movie boss had sex.

AceShowbiz - Actress Talita Maia has given Harvey Weinstein's defence team a glimmer of hope in his sexual assault trial, insisting her former friend and roommate showed no signs of being upset about an alleged rape encounter with the movie boss.

His accuser Jessica Mann claims the fallen producer raped her, but Brazilian actress Maia has testified that she was in the next room in Weinstein's Montage Hotel suite, watching TV alone while her then-friend and Weinstein had sex.

"They were in there 10 minutes," Maia said in court on Monday, February 10. "It wasn't that long."

She also revealed she had driven Mann to a hotel bar meeting with Weinstein and as the bar was closing, he invited them to his suite.

Maia told the court she felt sure there was "nothing to worry about" as she accompanied her friend and Harvey upstairs.

"I didn't really have a way of leaving," she said. "I was driving her and couldn't wait downstairs."

So she watched TV and waited.

When it was time to leave, Maia said her pal "seemed OK," adding, "She seemed normal, like nothing out of the ordinary."

Model and social media influencer Claudia Salinas also shot down another accuser's testimony on Monday, telling the court that Lauren Young's claims that she helped lure her to Weinstein's hotel room and then locked her in a bathroom with the naked mogul were untrue.

"I would never do that," she protested. "I would never close the door behind anyone."

Salinas also denied she'd ever been alone with Young and Weinstein in a hotel suite.

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