Kash Doll Called Racist for Making Coronavirus Joke With Disney Princess Meme

In the since-deleted post, the rapper shares a meme in which Disney princesses such as Cinderella and Snow White are all sporting a face mask excluding Chinese princess Mulan.

AceShowbiz - Kash Doll might need to stop and think again before sharing a joke with her followers. The rapper has landed in hot water for posting what people deemed an "insensitive" joke about the Coronavirus over the weekend.

In the since-deleted post on the photo-sharing site, she shared a meme in which Disney princesses such as Cinderella, Snow White and Aurora were all sporting a face mask excluding Mulan, who is Chinese. "Sorry 'MULAN' but we never know," read a quote on the meme, as Kash added in the caption of the post, "In the airport like."

Her post soon met with backlash, as people called her racist and urged her to delete the post since they believed it was insensitive. "She thought she did something mulan ain't save all of China for this disrespect," one said. "Wow that's f***ed up!! Sorry to this lady but they finna drag her," another wrote in the comment section of a blog post, as a third person chimed in, "It's a place in Hell waiting for her. This ain't right."

"She trying to get cancelled and her career barely started, She's a bird!" one other commented, while another said, "You might have fans in China and you disrespecting them. I hope they send you burned bundles !!!!" There was also one person who wrote, "Does she know this offensive? What if someone did that with Princess Tiana she would be mad."

Kash has since deleted the post, but she has yet to issue an apology after the backlash.

Coronavirus has been affecting mainland China, along with isolated cases in 28 other countries and territories, ever since it was first identified in Wuhan. China's National Health Commission confirmed on Sunday, February 9 that the death toll in China is now 908. The global death toll is 910, with one death in Hong Kong and one in the Philippines.

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