Styles P Goes Off on Billie Eilish Over Lying Rappers Comment: 'Mind Your Damn Business'

In one of his tweets, the rapper tells the Grammy-winning singer to 'stop putting us on such a high pedestal because you feel we should or shouldn't do something.'

AceShowbiz - Styles P has weighed in on the controversy surrounding Billie Eilish's recent comment about hip-hop music. The rapper went on a rant against the Grammy-winning songstress after she claimed that a lot of rappers are lying in their songs, prompting him to question why should she care about hip-hop when she's not even a rapper.

In one of his tweets, Styles admitted Billie had a point in her comments, but he had another reason why he didn't take her comments well. "Who is Billie eilish ? Why the f**k do we care what she thinks ?? And she is sorta Of right but she don't get the culture nor is she part of it so why do we give a f**k ?" he wrote. "How or why is her opinion important to us ?"

He elaborated in a separate tweet, "Rappers can say whatever the f**k the (sic) want and pretty much all rappers lie .. if you don't like it the (sic) Don't listen and mind your damn business.." Spices also pointed out that "rappers are human and eat s**t and bleed and cry just like you . Stop putting us on such a high pedestal because you feel we should or shouldn't do something . Grow up."

In another tweet, Spices admitted to lying in a lot of rhymes. However, "those lies got me to be able to live nice and do nice s**t .. if you don't like something don't listen to it."

His post soon garnered attention as some came to attack him, but Spices stood by his comments and hit back at them. "Why are rappers held up to a standard no one else is ? Is Martin Scorsese and Bobby D living that life ?? Is Sylvester Stallone out here shooting shot up like in rambo ? No!!! And why does she care if she ain't a rapper," he told one of his followers.

On the other hand, Billie still remains tight-lips.

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