'Bachelor' Recap: Peter Weber Sends Almost Half of the Ladies Home

Peter and the remaining ten women in his season heads to Chile for the next dates, but before that, Peter has to step in to stop Mykenna and Victoria F. from fighting.

AceShowbiz - "The Bachelor" season 24 aired its 6th episode on Wednesday, February 5. The episode saw Peter Weber making a huge decision to the remaining ten women who were vying for his heart on the ABC dating show.

They headed to Chile for the next dates, but before that, Peter had to step in to stop Mykenna and Victoria F. from fighting. He then asked Hannah Ann out for one-on-one date which marked her second already. Meanwhile, Mykenna, Natasha and Tammy hadyet to get a one-on-one.

Peter and Hannah Ann opted to explore Santiago, and at some point of their date, Peter told her about his concern when it came to her age as she's only 23. The pilot admitted to being worried that Hannah Ann wouldn't be ready for a lifelong commitment. Hannah Ann then approached him in tears and opened up that she's "starting to fall in love" with Peter. Despite the concern, he gave Hannah Ann a rose.

Later, Sydney, Natasha, Kelsey, Victoria P, Madison, Tammy, Kelley and Mykenna were chosen for the group date. Meanwhile, Victoria F. got a second one-on-one because Peter thought her first solo date was interrupted with drama involving Victoria's ex Chase Rice.

The decision didn't sit well with Mykenna, who looked super upset. She considered going home and decided to stick around.

During the nighttime portion of the group date, Victoria P. had a great one-on-one time with Peter. Meanwhile, Tammy had a drama with Mykenna as the former thought that Mykenna was too young for the show. Peter was later involved, though he didn't see the points that Tammy wanted to deliver. At the end of the date, Peter presented the rose to Madison.

Meanwhile, Peter and Victoria F. went for horseback riding. During the date, Victoria asked Peter about rumors of him dating so many other women. That prompted Peter to assure her that he felt very strongly for her. Later, it was announced that Mykenna and Tammy would be going for a 2-on-1 date with Peter. Both women talked bad about each other and eventually, Peter trusted in Mykenna and eliminated Tammy.

At the rose ceremony, Peter gave the remaining roses to Kelsey, Natasha and Kelley. That meant Mykenna and Sydney were forced to go home.

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