Jason Aldean's Wife Adopts Healthy Diet to Overcome Postpartum Depression

Brittany Kerr says she finally feels 'like herself again' after the mental and physical challenges she has been facing due to her gaining 40 pounds 'with both of my children.'

AceShowbiz - Jason Aldean's wife, Brittany Kerr, is finally feeling like herself again after adopting a healthy diet to overcome symptoms of post-partum depression.

The former "American Idol" contestant will celebrate her daughter Navy's first birthday next week (February, 4), and Brittany admits the past year has been a challenge both mentally and physically, adjusting to life as a mother-of-two.

"I gained 40 pounds with both of my children and it took me a lot longer to start feeling myself after my second (child)," the 30-year-old told Fox News.

"I felt really down. Eventually, I came to a point where I knew that I just had to take charge."

Brittany, who also shares two-year-old son Memphis with country superstar Jason, decided to reevaluate her food choices to help her get back on track, and she began following the South Beach Diet plan, which encourages the consumption of carbohydrates which are more slowly digested.

"I really wanted to focus on my health and what I was putting into my body," the singer shared. "I started South Beach and saw and felt the results almost immediately. I was a better 'me' both mentally and physically and I am thankful that I found a programme that truly works as a lifestyle."

Brittany is such a big fan of the brand, she's become an ambassador, and she is showing off her 17 pound (7.7 kilograms) weight loss in a new beachside photoshoot for the firm.

"This shoot was so much fun because I felt comfortable in my skin again!" the star gushed. "I give credit to South Beach Diet because they have made it so easy. I take my meals, snacks and shakes on the road with me, which is so key for keeping me on track."

"I'm a firm believer that food is fuel," she added. "Eating healthy gives me energy and let's face it, I need all the energy I can get with our busy life and these two babies running around! And, the new keto-friendly South Beach Diet just launched and I love it! It provides all the benefits of keto without being so strict."

Brittany and Jason wed in 2015.

He also has two other daughters from his previous marriage.

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