Ricky Martin Is Taking His New Music Video to Puerto Rico

The 'Livin' la Vida Loca' hitmaker wants to capture 'a very universal story' for the music video of his latest song from his upcoming studio installment.

AceShowbiz - Ricky Martin chose Puerto Rico as the filming destination for the music video for his new tune, "Tiburones", as the territory embodies "all the emotions, energy and feel... when we come together as people."

The title of the track translates as "Sharks", with the tune itself focusing on the enduring and limitless love between a couple - and Martin confessed he wanted to "capture a very universal story" with its visuals.

"It is a very emotional song that talks about the union of two who should never waste time in fights," co-writer of the tune, Venezuelan singer-songwriter Oscar Hernandez, told Billboard. "It is a proposal to change directions, plans and ideas, with the simple reason of moving forward, together."

"And at any cost 'for you whatever, swim with sharks,' " he added, referencing the lyrics.

The "Hero" hitmaker revealed he tapped Puerto Rican director Kacho Lopez Mari to helm the song's music video, which symbolises the strength of a union when people come together.

"What I wanted with the video was to capture a very universal story, and that's why I wanted to film it in Puerto Rico," he said. "Both the song and the video embody all the emotions, energy and feel, which are emblematic of when we come together as people."

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