Big Sean Reveals His Favorite Part in Jhene Aiko's Raunchy New Song 'P*$$y Fairy (OTW)'

The revelation comes up after Jhene asks her Instagram followers about their favorite parts and Sean doesn't miss the opportunity to let his girlfriend know that the song is totally his cup of a tea.

AceShowbiz - Big Sean and Jhene Aiko are no stranger in giving people sneak peek at some sexy details of their relationship. The songstresss recently released her latest single "P*$$y Fairy (OTW)" which lyrics describe explicitly about her and her man in the bedroom. And now, Sean has just revealed which part of the song's lyrics that he liked the most.

The revelation came up after Jhene asked her Instagram followers, "what's your favorite "P*$$Y Fairy (OTW) lyric??" Sean didn't miss the opportunity to let his girlfriend know that the song, which saw Jhene singing, "That d*ck make my soul smile," was totally his cup of a tea even from the start.

"The part that start at 0:01 n end at 3:02," so Sean replied in the comment section. The comment has garnered more than 32K likes as of now with many people praising him for his gushing comment. "#SMOOTH," one fan wrote, while someone else noted that it was a "good answer."

The interaction between the reunited couple was too cute that someone said, "can y'all get married already sheesh." One other added, "come on with the good game bro. people say y'all toxic but y'all really perfect."

Sean and Jhene shocked people when they teamed up on her "None of Your Concern" in November 2019, sparking rumors that they're getting back together. In the song, the former couple reflects on their relationship in the aftermath of their split. "But every time I lay down I think about you naked," Sean raps, before bragging about making Jhene climax nine times in one day. "And if you find my replacement, how could you?" he continues his part. "I made you cum nine times in one day/ Your two lips should come in a vase/ You rode my face I realize you look as good as you taste? Hmm (Yeah) Fingers all in your mouth/ I'm grabbin' you up and di**in' you down/ I'm grabbin' your waist, your room is my only escape/ I guess that's none of your concern."

Further fueling the speculations, the on-and-off couple was spotted getting cozy to each other during a romantic dinner at a fancy place called Geoffrey's in Malibu on Saturday, November 16. "The Worst" songstress is seen sitting on Sean's lap, while they looked out at the ocean on the restaurant's patio deck. He appeared to put his hand inside Jhene's pocket on her jacket. The two dressed casually for the dinner date.

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