Jeannie Mai Looks Visibly Annoyed After Amanda Seales Shuts Her Down

The 'Insecure' star is talking about the treatment that black people receive when her 'The Real' co-host tries to switch the topic to 'mental health and higher suicide rates.'

AceShowbiz - Amanda Seales won't let anyone interrupt her when she is sharing her opinion, even when it ends up making other people annoyed at her. Jeannie Mai looked noticeably annoyed at the comedian when she shut her down in the latest episode of "The Real".

The ladies were celebrating the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and talked about the society when Amanda pointed out that there isn't any change in today's community. "We still have a prison industrial complex, we still have racism, we still have things built into our laws and into our constitution," she explained, before Jeannie cut her off and attempted to talk about "mental health and higher suicide rates."

However, Amanda made it clear that she was talking about race, not people in general. "It's specifically about race," the "Bring the Funny" host said, shutting her co-host down. "It's what he's talking about. Things have not changed." Jeannie immediately felt into silence and listened to what Amanda said, and people couldn't help but point out that she looked annoyed at the moment.

"Jeannie's face was not having it," one said, as another commented, "Jeannie looked tight! Let me find out I need to start tuning in lol." There was also one who said, "As soon as Jeannie got put in her place by Amanda she went silent the rest of the girls chat."

Some people, on the other hand, praised Amanda because they believed the "Insecure" star was doing the right thing. "Jeanie had a whole spiel that just isn't this short clip, this was Amanda's turn to speak and Jeanie was cutting HER off but Amanda went on to continue what she had to say," one person jumped to Amanda's defense. "Well Jeanie did cut her off first and she has a tendency to try to make it less about race when they are talking about racial issues, she was trying to take the attention away from race and Amanda was like nah this is about race this is about black people," another noted.

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