Adele to Come Out With New Music After Five-Year Hiatus, Manager Confirms

The 'Someone Like You' singer has not released new songs since the release of her '25' album in 2015, but manager Jonathan Dickins has hinted at her official return to the business.

AceShowbiz - Adele is officially returning with new music in 2020, her agent and manager have confirmed.

The "Hello" hitmaker hasn't released new tunes since 2015's 25, but according to Music Week, her manager Jonathan Dickins and agent Lucy Dickins hinted that new music is definitely on the horizon.

"The sooner the better," Jonathan quipped.

The sibling management duo also spoke about how they each discovered the "Someone Like You" singer separately and started working with her without the other's knowledge.

Jonathan said: "Someone said that I should check her out. At the time my office was my house and she came for tea, I met her there and we started working together."

Lucy, meanwhile, shared: "I met her through a friend who came with her and I'll never forget it. She said she was a singer and said 'Do you want a CD?'. I said yes, and she turned to the other person and said, 'Oi, give me back my CD, I want to give it to her.' And after the first song I played, I said this is insane, so I called Jonathan."

Fans had previously speculated the star would release new music last October (19), but the rumours turned out to be false.

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