Meek Mill Accused of Disrespecting Pregnant GF Milano With 'Distasteful' Tweet

The Philadelphia rapper seemingly confirms the baby carried by Milano Di Rouge is his but a lot of people on the internet take issues with his cryptic message.

AceShowbiz - Meek Mill came under fire over his new message on social media. "Yeah I dumped in that lol," he wrote a quick note on Twitter. While he didn't mention any names, many believed the Philadelphia rapper used the tweet to give a subtle confirmation after weeks of playing coy that the baby carried by his pregnant girlfriend Milano Di Rouge was his.

However, the message was branded crass and distasteful. "Dumped in that? How romantic...ugh," one wrote. Another commented, "Imagine the father of your baby announcing your pregnancy in such a crass, low life manner. Smh. Embarrassing." One other said, "Eww ghetto. What kind of revel/confirmation is that. Damn hoodlum."

Some even dissed Milano for her choice in man. "This is what she let impregnate her? Couldn't be me," an individual commented. Another shared a similar thought, "Yikes .. I would be embarrassed if I was her."

Meek Mill have been constantly tweeting cryptic messages that seemingly directed at his girlfriend since she went public with her pregnancy in December. He never cared to clear up the air despite Milano getting dragged on the internet because of his ambiguous tweets, but he felt the need to clarify himself following his recent note after he took a lot of heat.

He originally laughed off at the criticisms, "I love getting on social media people nerves," before eventually trying to explain himself. He claimed it was a Philly slang, "Stay out of Philly business I wasn’t even talking about that type of dump."

"They not gone never figure me out lol," the rap star added. He later sang a subtle praise for his girlfriend to appease the internet, "She's a queen tho since we here [heart-eyed emoji]."

Meek Mill sparked rumors that he wanted to keep the baby secret as he deleted his Instagram and tweeted a picture of flowers thrown in a trash can after Milano debuted her baby bump at her fashion show before Christmas.

They have been romantically linked for quite some time but he made his first public appearance with her only recently.

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