Michelle Monaghan's Jordanian Driver Threw Her a 'Friendsgiving'
WENN/Judy Eddy

When promoting for her new Netflix drama 'Messiah', the 'Mission: Impossible' actress recalls celebrating Thanksgiving away from home with the family of a man assigned to drive her around.

AceShowbiz - Michelle Monaghan will always have a special connection to Jordan after befriending a family there as she filmed new Netflix drama "Messiah".

The "Mission: Impossible" star spent six weeks in the country shooting the series, in which she plays a CIA operative tracking down a man who many believe is the second coming of Christ, and she made a friend of the man recruited to drive her around the country.

Michelle reveals that when he realised she would be missing America's traditional Thanksgiving feast as she shot the series, he insisted on hosting a 'Friendsgiving' event for his new friend.

"He found out that I was alone there for Thanksgiving... and he insisted that he and his wife host a Thanksgiving for me at their house," the actress explains.

"They cooked me a traditional Jordanian meal... It was amazing... We FaceTimed with my family and my mum and dad. It was really good."

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