Tisha Campbell Reaches Out to  Martin Lawrence After He Denies Sexual Harassment Allegations

While people suggests her to 'clap back' at the 'Bad Boys 3' actor, Tisha reveals that she isn't interested in firing back in addition to hinting that they no longer have bad blood.

AceShowbiz - Martin Lawrence and Tisha Campbell's past tension was recently brought up as the actor is back to the spotlight ahead of the highly-anticipated "Bad Boys for Life". He previously was asked about the a sexual assault lawsuit against him that his "Martin" co-star back in 1997 and called it a "bulls**t," much to Tisha's shocking.

Speaking on "The Talk" on Thursday, January 16, "I can't go into too much detail about the past because there was a confidentiality agreement, and so the gag order says don't. But what I can say is… I was actually kind of shocked. There were people in my ear [saying] just to still be quiet and don't say anything. And then there were other people who were like, 'You need to clap back!' "

However, Tisha revealed that she wasn't interested in firing back at the actor in additing to alluding that they no longer had bad blood. "But I was like, I took a day, and I said, 'I'm just gonna hit him up.' So I hit him up. He called me within a minute. It didn't even take him a minute to call me back."

"I was like, 'Hey!' He was like, 'T!' I said, 'Yo! Are we good?' And he was like, 'Yeah T, don't read into… There's a lot of people trying to bring up the past and trying to make it news today. But T, we're good. I love you, I love your family, and I was like, okay,' " she continued.

Martin previously addressed the suit in an interview with GQ Magazine. Asked about the reason for the cancellation in the new interview, the star said, "Well, how can I say this? It just was time to end. Let's just put it that way. It was just, at that time, there was some, um, there were some things that was being said that..." He was referring to the lawsuit, though he dismissed that it ever happened. "None of that was true. It was all a lot of bulls**t," he said.

Back in 1997, Tisha claimed that she experienced "obsessive" physical and emotional abuse from Martin, including "repeated and escalating sexual harassment, sexual battery and violent threats," on the set of "Martin". She later refused to film most of season five, prompting viewers of the show to assume that her contentious suit was the reason "Martin" ended in its fifth season. However, Martin refuted this notion.

However, despite all the things that happened in the past, Martin and Tisha stay on good terms. They have been spending time together and Martin even said in the interview that he still loves the "House Party" star. "I love Tisha," he told the interviewer. "I've seen her then and now, now and then, always nothing but love. I have nothing but love for her, and I always have."

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