Trick Diddy's GF Nikki Natural's Wig Is Snatched Off, Reveals Bald Head

This arrives after the 'Love and Hip Hop: Miami' was previously trolled for losing a lot of his hair and having bloodshot eyes due to his Lupus at the hip-hop star's mugshot after he was arrested.

AceShowbiz - It's apparently not only Trick Diddy who is struggling with severely receded hairline. Her girlfriend and "Love & Hip Hop: Miami" co-star Nikki Natural was recently revealed to be bald too after her wig was ripped off on the show.

According to MTO News, Nikki was filming a scene for the new season of "Love & Hip Hop: Miami" on Saturday, January 12. Things went allegedly brutal as she was jumped by co-stars Hood Brat and Sukihana.

"Nikki tried to press Sukihana over something she said about Trick [Daddy]. It didn't go well for her," one producer claimed to the site. "Sukihana and Hood Brat beat her and ripped off her wig."

Much to everyone's surprise, she was said to be having a receded hairline. "What's crazy is that underneath the wig her head was bald," the insider added.

Responding to the attack, Nikki dissed Suki and Hood in her recent Instagram post. "Sitting pretty as f**k," she wrote alongside a picture of her squating in a revealing outfit. "@sukihanagoat (Suki with the Stank Coochie) and @ Hood Rat had to Jump me and I ended up breaking a nail... (Look at me and look at them and that will give u the reason why they don't like me."

This arrives after Daddy was trolled for losing a lot of his hair and having bloodshot eyes at the hip-hop star's mugshot. He was arrested and charged of cocaine possession and driving under the influence in Miami.

Daddy, who has now been freed, is apparently well aware of all the comments made about his look and decided to hit back all at once. He said on his Facebook account, "Let me get this right .. you lie on me .. make fun of the fact that I Have lupus … and all this just for likes .. thank god im strong .. everything is funny until it hits close to home .. my feelings don't hurt easily I'm too worried about waking up tomorrow."

Daddy was diagnosed with Lupus years ago, but is no longer taking medicine to treat it. Instead, during his interview on "The Breakfast Club" back in 2014, he said he smokes weed laced with cocaine to treat the disease. "When I smoke weed and coke, the worst thing that's gonna happen to me is I'mma got to sleep or eat," he said. "If I take Lupus medicine, I gotta take a pill for this pill, a pill for that pill... then I gotta go back to the doctor every Thursday and give them my money."

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