NFL Star Patrick Mahomes Canceled After Defending George Zimmerman in Old Tweets

In one of the tweets, the Kansas City Chiefs player said, 'No one knows what actually happens which is why he is not guilty but a crime could have occurred.'

AceShowbiz - Past social media posts can be positive or negative, and in the case of Patrick Mahomes, it is the latter one. The Kansas City Chiefs player has sparked backlash after a couple of his old tweets that showed him supporting George Zimmerman, who admitted to gunning down black teenager Trayvon Martin, resurfaced online.

In a tweet that dated back to 2013, Patrick believed that George is not guilty, showing his support to George's not guilty verdict at the time. In replies to one person who said, "This case was an absolute horrible tragedy, however there was no criminal activity that occurred," he wrote, "No one knows what actually happens which is why he is not guilty but a crime could have occurred." He then added in a separate tweet, "Stop resisting or assaulting a cop."

People started canceling Patrick after the tweets surfaced. "Believes Zimmerman is innocent? White Fiancee? Can't f**k with him after this.. Mahomes is so dead to me now...," one said. Another dubbed him a "clown if he believes George Zimmerman is not guilty !! I don't give a f**k about his athletic abilities. Anyone that supports racism or ignorant bigotry is a b***h no matter what !! If not then congrats!"

"I hope the Titans Do a crime on your a** how the hell you got skittles and a tea and no gun and you deserve to get shot dead a** a kid and I thought this MF'r Patrick had sense shame on me Kick his a** Titans," another wrote. One other stopped being his fan, saying, "You're obviously privileged you wouldn't understand at all smhhhh."

George fatally shot Trayvon on February 26, 2012 after he reported to police of the teenager's suspicious behavior. Officers had told him not to follow the late teen during the 911 call, but he still did it, leading to Trayvon's death. He was charged with murder by a special prosecutor appointed by Governor Rick Scott.

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