'RHOA': Kenya Moore Livid After NeNe Leakes Tells Her to 'Shut Up' After Learning Who's the 'Snake'

'Snake is just not a nice word. So I wouldn't call her a snake,' NeNe said in confessional before she goes into a screaming match between her and co-star Kenya Moore.

AceShowbiz - The Sunday, January 12 episode of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" was really an explosive one. In the episode, the cast members finally learned who was the snake among the group.

The major blowout happened after Dennis McKinley proposed to Porsha Williams again, to which she accepted. The ladies headed to Marlo Hempston's hotel room, and that was when Kenya Moore, Kandi Burruss and Porsha pressed others about who was responsible for the alleged recording of Chyntia Bailey talking bad about NeNe.

Unsurprisingly, things got heated between the Housewives with Cynthia and Marlo nearly getting into a physical altercation. Things further went south when NeNe entered the room, telling everyone that it was her friend Gail "Yovanna" Momplaisir who obtained an "audio" of Cynthia saying negative things about NeNe.

"Snake is just not a nice word. So I wouldn't call her a snake," NeNe said in confessional. "[But] is Yovanna the one with the information? Yes." NeNe initially didn't want to disclose the identity of the snitch, but she was concerned about others thinking she was lying, she pulled Yovanna aside and asked her to tell the truth.

"Yovanna, listen. I don't understand why…I'm trying to have your back," she said. "I'm just like, girl. All of this time, you know and I know that there's audio. So why don't you just say it? … I can't fight all these girls I've known for years."

"I refuse to be attacked," Yovanna said. "I said it 10 times. I'm not going to keep defending myself. That's not my character and that's not who I am. Period. It's like eight against one right now!" I said what I wanted to say, NeNe."

Instead of finding out what Chyntia actually said, the ladies were caught in screaming match with Yovanna calling all the ladies "fake" and dubbing Dennis as a "snake" who likes to sleep with animals. "The snake is your man!" she told Porsha. "You need to be worried about your man. That’s what you need to be worried about."

"We're just disappointed in the fact that it would be somebody who knows all of us who would do something like that," Porsha said at one point. "That's the snake right there. If you don’t get this girl out the room. Security! She gotta go, she gotta go, she gotta go. … I don't want this ho in this room."

NeNe was trying to calm Porsha down and asked Marlo to take an action as she was the one who owned the room. Later, Kenya decided to get herself involved in the tension, telling NeNe, "You should have said it when you had the time to say it, NeNe. You had the floor." Her comments were not appreciated as NeNe replied, "Kenya, you shut the f**k up, b***h."

Mad for being called a b***h, Kenya fired back, "You shut the f**k up b***h!" The two were ready to hurl at each other. Thankfully, they were both held back before they could physically hurt each other.

Eventually, NeNe and Yovanna left Canada and headed home to Atlanta. Meanwhile, the others were enjoying their time twerking on the streets of Toronto in peacock feathers.

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