Brielle Biermann Responds to Troll Claiming She's Making Stepfather Kroy Broke With Lavish Lifestyle

The daughter of Kim Zolciak-Biermann lets everyone know that she has been financially independent since 17 years old after a hater calls her out over photos of her posing at The West Hollywood EDITION hotel.

AceShowbiz - Some people just can't afford seeing others enjoying a luxurious lifestyle. Brielle Biermann, who has been following the footsteps of her mother Kim Zolciak-Biermann to flaunt everything on social media, has recently faced an accusation that she's spending her stepfather Kroy Biermann's money on lavish things.

The bitter comment came after the 22-year-old posted on Instagram several pictures of her posing at The West Hollywood EDITION hotel on Saturday, January 11. She captioned the snaps, "Isn't the view amazing?"

One user commented on the post, "Spending kroy's [money]. He's gonna go broke taking care of you." But Brielle quickly snapped back at the said hater, writing, "he cut me off at 17 but ok."

But another person wasn't easily convinced, asking, "if he cut u off at 17 where do you get your money from? With what job?" An obvious fan of the "Don't Be Tardy..." star, someone explained that the blonde beauty has been making a lot of money with her reality show appearance and various endorsements.

"I guess you didn't watch the episode where Kim told her brother that Brielle was already making 6 figures because of social media, etc. It's also widely known that Kim makes more [money] . Jealous much?" another fan pointed out.

Some others have also come to Brielle's defense, writing back to the original troll, "and even if he did what concern is it of yours?" Another supported the young socialite, "you tell them pretty lady! Your own money, your own world and ALL YOUR OWN CHOICES! No man needed!!! Or his money!!!"

Back in May 2019, Brielle revealed that she had moved into her first own apartment in the heart of Atlanta's tony Buckhead neighborhood. The two-bedroom pad boasts floor-to-ceiling windows, a marble bathroom and an amazing bedroom view.

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