Renee Zellweger Praised by Kathy Griffin for Sweet Support Post-Trump Photo Scandal
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After the 'Judy' actress won Best Actress at the 2020 Golden Globes, the former 'Suddenly Susan' actress expresses her gratitude for the former's message when she needed it the most.

AceShowbiz - Renee Zellweger was one of the first celebrities to offer her support to comedian Kathy Griffin following her Donald Trump beheading drama.

Griffin became a person of interest for the government when she posted a video of herself holding a bloody replica of the U.S. leader's head online. As critics accused her of going too far, Kathy lost endorsements and gigs and eventually publicly apologised before defiantly taking it back as the drama died down.

Griffin previously attacked many so-called celebrity friends for not backing her when she most needed support, but now she has applauded Renee, following her Best Actress win at the Golden Globes on Sunday night (January 5) for having her back.

"I've never revealed this before but the first day of my infamous trump photo scandal, I got a sweet text from Zellweger," she has tweeted. "Something like 'hang in there kid, you got this'.

"Please do not attack her for reaching out to me and being genuine. She knows I tease her, but she gets it."

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