Brian May Gets Candid About Paralyzing Depression Over Christmas Holiday
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In a lengthy post on social media, Queen's lead guitarist reveals he spent much of the festive season in hiding because he got 'engulfed' by hopelessness and fear.

AceShowbiz - Queen legend Brian May is putting on a "brave face" after struggling through a bad bout of depression which left him paralysed over the Christmas holidays.

The British rock icon opened up about his mental health troubles in a candid post on Instagram on Thursday, January 2, revealing he spent much of the festive season in hiding.

Alongside a photo of himself smiling in front of a Jimi Hendrix painting, he wrote, "Inspiration for the next 10 years ? Thanks to my dear friend Joe Elliott @defleppard I have this great image of my hero Jimi Hendrix on my wall to remind me to keep reaching for the stars."

"Ach ! A bit too glib for you ? Well, that's my brave face," he continued. "Most of this Christmas period I haven't wanted to show my face because my face was grim."

May went on to explain how the winter blues often get him down: "There's something about this time of the year that paralyses me. Depression, hopelessness, fear ... I get engulfed," he confessed.

"Is it logical? No. Should I be grateful for my life and therefore NOT depressed? Yes. But none of that makes any difference when you look up and the colours have gone out of the world."

The musician, who has been upfront about his emotional battles for years, is now trying to focus on getting his life back on track with a little exercise as he continues his quest to stick to a vegan diet for the month of January.

"There are SO many great vegetables in the world - artichoke hearts, hearts of palm, roasted parsnips, new potatoes, and a rocket and tomato salad, perked up with Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar from dear old Luciano Pavarotti's home town," he wrote.

"Plus a nice selection of nuts and raisins. Hey ! This is a doddle !! Ha ha !! Well, we shall see ! Happy Friday folks ... we'll soon be out of this murky Sargasso Sea !".

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