Rod Stewart and Son Summoned to Florida Court Following New Year's Eve Altercation

The 'Maggie May' hitmaker and his adult son Sean Stewart have reportedly lost their cool after they were denied entry to a private event at the upscale Breakers Resort in Palm Beach.

AceShowbiz - Rocker Rod Stewart and his adult son Sean Stewart have been summoned to appear in court in Florida following an altercation with a resort employee on New Year's Eve (December 31).

The "Maggie May" hitmaker and his family, including a few kids, were at the upscale Breakers Resort in Palm Beach on Tuesday night when they tried to enter a private event held in the children's section of the venue.

The Stewarts were denied access and asked to leave the area, but the singer and his son, Sean Stewart, allegedly lost their cool over the incident, and confronted one unidentified employee at the check-in desk.

According to a police report obtained by the New York Post's Page Six, former reality star Sean stood "nose-to-nose" with the worker and "shoved" them backwards, before Rod "stepped toward (the victim) and threw a punch", hitting them in the "left ribcage area".

Police were called over the altercation, and the Stewarts were questioned over the clash.

They claimed the employee had become "argumentative" with the group, which "in turn caused them to become agitated", but Rod subsequently "apologized for his behavior in the incident".

Cops noted that the run-in had been caught on surveillance cameras, with footage seemingly showing Rod and Sean to be "the primary aggressors," with the veteran rocker appearing to "intentionally strike (the victim) against (their) will".

No arrests were made at the time, but the alleged victim plans to pursue charges against the father and son, who could face a count of simple battery.

They have been ordered to appear in Palm Beach County Criminal Justice Complex on February 5, 2020.

Representatives for the Stewarts have declined to comment on the news.

Sean Stewart, 39, is no stranger to the law, having endured multiple run-ins with authorities over the years, including spending three months behind bars for kicking an unconscious person outside a Los Angeles restaurant in 2002, and driving on a suspended license in 2010.

Sean is Rod's son with his first wife Alana Stewart.

The singer, who is now married to Penny Lancaster, has a total of eight children with five different women.

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