The Cribs Vows to Make a Comeback After a 'Difficult' 2019

In a series of Twitter posts, the 'You're Gonna Lose Us' rockers admit that they had been left frustrated to have been 'unable to tour, release new music or do much of anything.'

AceShowbiz - British rockers The Cribs have promised fans a comeback like no other after struggling through a "difficult" 2019.

The "You're Gonna Lose Us" stars have spent much of the past year on an unplanned hiatus, and on Tuesday (December 31), the bandmates admitted a series of undisclosed issues had forced them to take time away from the music industry.

"Happy New Year everyone," read the first in a series of Twitter posts.

"I know this time last year we told you that '2019 is the year we become the band we've always wanted to be'...well, unfortunately life dealt us several challenges this year that left us unable to tour, release new music, much of anything really..."

Without sharing specific details, the musicians continued, "2019 has been difficult for us in a lot of ways - from the time we formed back in 2002 we have never been (sic) a full year without playing a single show - so that has been very frustrating. But these issues needed dealing with before we could even think about returning to action..."

The Cribs, comprised of twins Gary Jarman and Ryan Jarman, and their younger brother Ross Jarman, concluded the end-of-year fan message by vowing to make their eventual return worth the wait.

"Suffice to say...when this band does come back, it's gonna be for all the d**n marbles," they added.

The Cribs have not given a timeline for their comeback. They released their last album, "24-7 Rock Star S**t", in 2017.

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