Hilarie Burton Pays Tribute to Roller-Coaster Decade With Rousing End of Year Post

In a lengthy message shared on social media, the former 'One Tree Hill' star opens up about kicking off the 2010s with uncertainty and ending it with a wedding with Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

AceShowbiz - Newlywed Hilarie Burton has reflected on her 2019 nuptials in an end-of-year post, celebrating a roller-coaster decade.

The actress, who wed longtime partner Jeffrey Dean Morgan in October (2019), admits the 2010s began with uncertainty.

"Ten years ago, I was pregnant, unemployed, unsure about where I was gonna live or give birth and despite the bravado I may have projected, I was scared," she has posted on Instagram. "My whole life I'd thought I would follow the same path as everyone I'd grown up around. Have a steady job. Get married. Buy a house. Have kids. But the path didn't unfold that way at all.

"A decade later, I can look back at my younger self and say 'it's okay, honey! Happiness will surprise you! Let it!' 2019 was incredibly good to our family. The wedding I thought I wanted when I was 26 was made so much sweeter by waiting. My love for @jeffreydeanmorgan has evolved into something so much deeper and golden. Our children participated and were at our sides for all of it. It was the celebration of an entire decade."

Hilarie adds: "As I see all the year in review posts today, my entire year - my entire decade really - can be summed up in that one day. Happy New Year, everyone. I hope your path is winding and surprising and takes you on a wild ride. Biggest Happy New year to @jeffreydeanmorgan, Gus and George. Love isn't a big enough word. Bring on the Roaring Twenties!!!! 2020!".

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