Kandi Burruss Jokes About 'RHOA' Drama With Eva Marcille

Kandi also addresses the issue on her YouTube channel, saying of her 'RHOA' co-star, 'We've had her in multiple situations where she's claimed that she didn't say something.'

AceShowbiz - Kandi Burruss never lies, at least that's what she claims. "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" star appeared to make light of her beef with co-star Eva Marcille as she addressed it with a hilarious meme following the latest episode of the Bravo show, which aired on Sunday, December 29.

Kandi posted on her Instagram account a famous video of Nicki Minaj yelling, "Did I lie? Did I f***ing lie?" Captioning the clip, Kandi, "Did I Lie? #rhoa if I say it roll the footage!"

In the recent episode of the show, the ladies were all together during their cast trip to Toronto. That was when Porsha Williams tried to confront Eva, who according to Kandi, was gossiping about her behind her back.

Kandi previously alleged that Eva said of Porsha, "She's all up in my business. Maybe I should forward her some of these blogs about Dennis so she can have some business to mind. And her C-Section ain't even healed yet and she's over here worried about me." When personally asked by Porsha, Eva denied the allegations.

"I wanna respond to it because that was definitely not what I said," Eva told Porsha, who responded, "Is Kandi a liar? So she's making it up?" Kandi later could be heard saying, "No, I'm not."

"I did not say anything about forwarding a blog… Porsha I am sitting here telling you in front of [Kandi], with her, that wasnt the case," Eva explained. However, the scene then cut to a good throwback of Eva saying earlier this season, "I could forward her a lot of these blogs so she can mind that business."

Calling out Eva, Kandi chimmed in, "I think sometimes when you get upset and you're doing your reads or whatever, sometimes that s**t comes off real f***ed up." Meanwhile, Eva blasted Kandi for stirring drama. "To my non-surprise, it's salt bae… Kandi, yet again, adding some seasonings into s**t," she said.

Following the episode, Kandi also addressed the issue on her YouTube channel. "Exactly what I told Porsha you said, you said it…. And it was like she was so serious… she was like, 'I will say it in front of her.' The whole time she was saying it, I was like, 'I could go in right now, but why? Because it's on camera.' You said it, on camera. Mic'd up. So clearly the world is going to see that this is some bulls**t that you're saying right now," she said.

"As hard as she was going that she didn't say it… I think in her heart of hearts she really believes that she didn't say it. Which makes me believe that she says things and doesn't remember what she said; which is a little bit scary for her… that can put you in some bad situations," she continued.

She added, "We've had her in multiple situations where she's claimed that she didn't say something and then it comes back where she's said it. Is this a habit? I really like Eva… but do I second guess anything she says? Of course."

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