Kenya Moore Gets Dragged Over Shady Exchange With 'Married to Medicine' Star Quad Webb

Things get a little bit intense between the two stars during their appearance on 'Watch What Happens Live', with the former beauty queen not letting Quad ask question to her.

AceShowbiz - Kenya Moore and Quad Webb had a somewhat awkward interaction when they appeared in the Sunday, December 15 episode of "Watch What Happens Live". Things got a little bit tense between the ladies as they started throwing shady exchange with each other.

It all started when host Andy Cohen played a sneak peek of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" that covered Kenya's marriage trouble with Marc Daly. This prompted the "Married to Medicine" star to ask her about her feelings after learning that her husband didn't have her back. Instead of answering to Quad's question, Kenya said, "I'm going to let Andy ask the question."

This made both Quad and Andy slightly taken aback, but the former made it clear that she didn't really mind it. "I love sister circle," Kenya then told Quad, who responded with some shades, "Yeah, of course you do."

Their earlier conversation was then brought back again later in the episode, with Andy asking why she didn't let Quad ask the question before. Kenya was initially reluctant to answer, but eventually revealed that Quad had "some shady history towards me." Hearing this, Quad began to recall, "I thought you were saying something in favor of my ex-husband once before," but Kenya was quick to hit back, "Oh I love him. Is that a bad thing?"

Quad then reassured her that she didn't really mind it, before Kenya noted that the former once "said lightweight stuff" to her. Hitting back at the former beauty queen, Quad said, "You're still holding on to it 'till many years later. I don't recall. I always like you." When Quad pressed her to reveal what kind of things she said to her back then, Kenya refused.

Their interaction soon became a hot topic among social media users, with many dragging Kenya for being petty towards Quad over things that happened years ago. Some called her "miserable," while one other said, "Kenya is determined to be upset and miserable... now you mad at Quad for some 'low key' shade from years ago? Girl BYE."

"Kenya is such a b***h, it's hard to have any kind of empathy for her. The was she just shaded Quad on watch what happens live so unnecessary," someone else wrote. Meanwhile, another individual dubbed Kenya "a clown," adding, "She can't keep up with Quad."

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