50 Cent Disappointed With Harvey Weinstein's $25M Settlement: 'Big Money Grab'
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Not only the rapper is disappointed by how the disgraced movie mogul's case is settled, but he has also called out Oprah Winfrey for not producing a documentary about Harvey.

AceShowbiz - Many people are disappointed with the way Harvey Weinstein's sexual misconduct case was settled. 50 Cent is among those people, and he has made sure to let people know his disappointment through an Instagram post that he shared on Thursday, December 12.

Posting a screenshot of an article about the news, the rapper wrote on the photo-sharing site, "Damn so this s**t was a big money grab." His followers shared the same sentiment, with Waka Flocka Flame comparing it to Bill Cosby's situation. Unlike Harvey who reached a tentative $25 million settlement agreement, the disgraced comedian is imprisoned. "But Bill in prison," so Waka said in the comment.

Harvey's settlement wasn't the only thing that made Fiddy disappointed. He later returned to Instagram to call out Oprah Winfrey for not producing a documentary about Harvey's accusers. Instead, she chose to make a documentary about Russell Simmons' sexual misconduct case. Accusing the media mogul of always going after black men, he said, "I don't understand why Oprah is going after black men. No Harvey Weinstein, No Epstein, just Michael Jackson and Russell Simmons this s**t is sad."

He continued, "Gale hit R. Kelly with the death blow documentary. Every time I hear Micheal Jackson I don't know whether to dance or think about the little boys butts. These documentary's are publicly convicting their targets. It makes them guilty till proven innocent."

Oprah has yet to respond to Fiddy.

Oprah previously interviewed Michael Jackson's accusers as a part of her "Leaving Neverland" aftershow "After Neverland". Earlier this week, it was announced that she would be executive producing a documentary about Russell Simmons' accusers. The documentary, which will be directed by Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering, will debut at the Sundance Film Festival at the top of 2020.

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