'LHH' Star Tia Becca Denies Saucy Santana's Shooting Had Anything to Do With the Club

The 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta' star supports Tip Drill who previously debunked Saucy's claim that the drive-by shooting targeting him was a homophobic attack, insisting that the club wasn't behind the attack.

AceShowbiz - Tia Becca has weighed in on the shooting targeting Saucy Santana and his friends. Speaking in defense of the gentlemen's club where the rapper stopped by before the attack, the "Love & Hip Hop: Miami" star supported Tip Drill a.k.a. Kenisha Renee who previously debunked Saucy's claim that the shooting was a homophobic attack.

"[Tip Drill] is my family for life," she wrote in the comment section of an Instagram post about the shooting. She went on defending the club, which she claimed wasn't behind the shooting, adding, "The shooting had nothing to do with club. Be hurting folks money with misleading info. This ain't have nothin to do with the trap. Dont be slowing up folks cash flow connecting this kinda energy to the trap."

Tia Becca Denies Saucy Santana's Shooting Had Anything to Do With the Club

Tia Becca weighed in on Saucy Santana's shooting.

Saucy and two other passengers were injured after a car they rode in was struck by bullets on early Wednesday, December 11 in Miami-Dade. The shooting took place near the entrance ramp to I-95 from Miami Gardens Drive at around 4 A.M. ET. A white Chevy sedan suddenly pulled up alongside Saucy's friend's Honda sedan and opened fire with 6 to 7 shots. All three passengers were taken to Aventura Hospital where they were treated for non-life threatening injuries to their arms and hands.

Speaking to TMZ while still in his hospital gown, Saucy claimed that the drive-by shooting was a homophobic attack and retaliation after he and his friends pulled girls away from straight men in a strip club, hours before the incident took place.

Tip later took to her Instagram page to seemingly blame the "Material Girl" rapper for causing a scene at the gentleman's club before the attack. She claimed that the openly gay star twerked and dropped his pants, prompting a security guard to tell him to calm down. She claimed that Saucy refused to calm down and threatened the security, who did not budge. She said at the end of the video, "It wasn't an LGBT discrimination," but it was "Santana acting up."

Tip added in a following post which has now been deleted, "I ... DONT BELIEVE IT WAS A HATE CRIME DUE TO THE ACTIONS THAT HAPPENED NOT TO LONG PRIOR TO THE SHOOTING!" Noting that she's "sooo happy nothing happened to him," she insisted, "THE S**T WASNT A HATE CRIME! THE SECURITY @theofficemiami1 SPARED HIM JUST BECAUSE HE WAS GAY ANNNNDDD WE KNEW HE WAS DRUNK!"

Meanwhile, Saucy has posted a video addressing the shooting. Thanking everyone for their support, he wrote in the caption, "THEY CAN'T STOP ME! EVEN IF THEY STOPPED ME! Love my family, fans and supporters! Thank GOD I'm alive! Let's cut the bulls**t! I'm not addressing s**t else! WhoShotYa."

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