'LHH' Star Tia Becca Curses Her Kids Out for Drugging Her With 'Sleepytime' Tea

The 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta' star is left furious after finding out her children gave her 'Sleepytime' tea whenever she asked them to make her green tea.

AceShowbiz - Tia Becca revealed on Instagram that she just found out her children drugged her. "Y'all know I'm a tea drinker so I ask my kids to make me green tea so I can handle my workload," she said while showing a box of half-empty "Sleepytime" tea. "My own dusty kids who I slaved for think it's OK to drug me and fix me 'Sleepytime' instead of green tea."

The "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" star also posted screenshots of her text exchange with one of her kids. She told the kid that she went to see a doctor because she felt tired and drowsy quite often. "Can you believe the doctor said it was because my blood levels low because I eat so much ice," she said.

When the kid answered her with "I can believe it," the VH1 star lost it and cursed out her kid, "You f**king lie. And I'm taking your phone!" She added in an expletive-laden message, "I'm cleaning out the f**king pantry and the box of Green tea still got 16 of 20 left while the sleepy time tea only got 6 f**king packs!"

Tia continued her foul-mouthed angry rant to scold her kid, "Y'all dead the f**k wrong! That like drugging someone and it's illegal! Y'all made me waste money on doctors had me scared because I've lethargic the whole time I'm being f**king date raped by my own dusty a** kids."

The kid said they did it because they're annoyed with her for asking them "to do stuff every 5 minutes" and "give [her] sum that's 2 feet away." "I only laughed because it really be making you sleep by 9pm," the kid added. "U need some rest anyway."

"S**t ain't funny!" Tia exclaimed. "I'm not giggle at all! My f**king momma would punch me in eye socket if I even tried to play with her like this. Y'all violated and to think it cool to lowkey drug somebody, Imma fight y'all like some b***hes in the streets since y'all wanna drug me like a b***h inna bar! I'm furious!"

In the caption, she asked her followers, "Am I over reacting? Like, I spent my time and money went to the doctor to see why I've been so tired. They watched me go thru the motion whole time, I'm getting put to sleep." She added, "They did me like this just cuz I be asking them to hand me stuff. Issa cold cold world... yo own kids."

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