Azealia Banks Says Lizzo Is 'Borderline Sex Predator' After She Bares Her Butt at Kid-Friendly Game

The '212' hitmaker shares her unpopular opinion about the 'Good as Hell' star, saying the new star has fallen into a stereotype 'created by white Hollywood to subjugate black women in society.'

AceShowbiz - Azealia Banks gave the thumbs-down to Lizzo's raunchy appearance at the recent NBA game where many young kids were present. While she thought her outfit was "cute," she was saddened by Lizzo's "constant need to … make fun of herself and her sexuality as 'the fat girl.' " She added, "I'm sure she would really rather just be celebrated for being talented & successful."

According to Azealia, what Lizzo did was "actually kind of harmful to larger black women's psyche." She said, "It just fits in with that TV version of the thirsty fat black woman who has a hard time being considered sexual by men so she just does all these extra ghetto/aggressive borderline sex predator things to get male attention stereotype teas."

She went on, "It's one of the characters created by white Hollywood to subjugate black women in society and the world's minds through film/TV and media in contrast to the plethora of feisty Latina's and demure blonde white women characters that have become constant in American culture."

While many people called Lizzo brave and confident, Azealia thought the "Good as Hell" star was lazy. "It seems that's the only thing that's getting her attention and the driving force behind the narrative," she claimed. "It's like … are we here for music or here for some weird sex fetish."

"The music takes a back seat as just a token type product used to quantify the narrative success," she said. "Big or not I think I would like the media itself to give her room for stardom without having to sexualize herself 14/7. Naked or rolled up in a carpet, I would love to just hear her play a beautiful flute solo."

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