'The Real' Co-Host Loni Love Denies Breakup With Boyfriend Despite Cryptic Tweet

Days after sparking the split rumor with her own Twitter post, the 48-year-old comedian/actress appears to debunk the swirling report by sharing a new romantic photo of her and beau James Welsh.

AceShowbiz - Loni Love and James Welsh are very much still together and in love, despite report stating otherwise. "The Real" co-host has debunked report about her supposed breakup from her boyfriend with one of her latest Instagram updates.

On Saturday, December 7, the 48-year-old comedian/actress shared a new romantic picture of her and her boyfriend. The picture was taken during their date night while attending community theatre, with James holding a glass of wine and leaning his body to be close to his girlfriend. "#datenight Supporting Community Theatre," Loni wrote in the caption.

The photo was shared just a day after Loni posted a cryptic tweet that sparked the breakup rumor. "In the end.. everyone only cares about their own a**...," she wrote on Friday, leaving many suspected that she talked about her beau James.

Now that Loni has set things straight with her Instagram update, her fans were relieved to know that the couple is still together. "I am glad to see yall together! You give me hope for love!" one commented on her post. Another wrote of the couple, "yall so cute."

A third user chimed in, "LONI SHUT THEM RUMORS DOWN! [100] percent." Someone else addressed the split rumor, "And they said you two were broken up...love ya'll #neverbelievethehype." Another supportive fan wrote, "So cute, loni I have seen "haters" posted that you guys split on Google, I knew it was a lie because uncle James is your soul mate, have fun,love you guys."

Loni went public with her relationship with James, whom she described as an actor, in April. At the time, she said during an interview with People magazine that the best part of the year thus far has been her boyfriend. She gushed, "He's a really nice guy.... I"m surprised myself. But it really doesn't matter. It's not a big deal. We get along, we like each other, we understand each other."

In August, she responded to criticisms over dating a white man. "Amazed at times at the folks concerned that I am dating a White male...," she wrote on Twitter at the time. She went on noting, "For years Black males have dated White and 'E xotic' women and no one questions it," before adding the hashtag of #lovewhileyoucan at the end of her post.

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