Jane Fonda Defends Herself for Using Air Travel to Attend Climate Change Protests

The 'Grace and Frankie' actress addresses the scrutiny for using air travel, 'It would put climate activists at a, at a pretty big disadvantage if we didn't fly.'

AceShowbiz - Jane Fonda has admitted she still uses planes to travel to climate change protests.

The actress and political activist, who has been protesting about inaction over the climate crisis at the U.S. Capitol at her Fire Drill Friday standoffs, has been arrested four times, including an overnight stay in jail.

While she has relocated to Washington DC to avoid the impact on the climate of flying back and forth from California, in an interview with The Guardian, she admitted that she still travels by plane on occasion.

"We had to weigh, is it more important for me to be here, to carry out these actions in the long run, or to not fly," the "Grace and Frankie" star told the newspaper. "We know that the fossil fuel executives, and the politicians that they've purchased are flying all the time... And so it would put climate activists at a, at a pretty big disadvantage if we didn't fly."

Her admission comes amid growing scrutiny over celebrities and high-profile people who campaign for climate change, using air travel.

Britain's Prince Harry was forced to defend his family's use of private jets, when he and his wife Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, came under fire after taking a private flight to the home of singer Sir Elton John, in Nice, over the summer. The avid environmentalist insisted they only use them in "unique circumstances" to ensure their family's safety.

More recently model Bella Hadid announced, in a bid to make up for her jet-setting lifestyle, she is donating 600 trees to be planted to offset her carbon footprint.

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