Fabolous Weighs In on Shiggy Challenge Controversy: 'He's Trolling Into It Too'

The rapper explains in new interview that he's offended by the comedian for asking a check for a new challenge, though he notes that the money will not come from his own pocket.

AceShowbiz - Drake's "In My Feelings" went viral after internet comedian Shiggy's #DoTheShiggy challenge. It seemed like Fabolous wanted to experience the same by asking Shaggy to come up with another challenge using his "Summertime Shootout 3: Coldest Summer Ever" track "Choosy".

"I asked Shiggy to do a post for me," Fabolous said in a live video. "And he said he need some money from me -- I posted this guy in 2015."

Fans, however, reacted badly to the video. "They saying he did the Drake one for free but the difference here is Drake ain't ask Shiggy to do it. Shiggy used Drakes hit for his act. Fab tryna use Shiggy to make his wack a** song pop so yeah, you requesting his services and they ain't free. Pay up or shut up," one user tweeted.

Another one added, "Shiggy secured Drake's biggest record of his career. Trust he got at least a bag and a half off that. Why would he do free s**t for lesser artist after how evident his impact is?"

Now, Fab addressed the whole situation during his appearance on "Hot 97" on Wednesday, December 4. "Now he's trolling into it, too," Fab said. "Listen, it was all a joke. It was all to play with Shiggy. Shiggy is a joking person, so you joke back with him."

" 'Yo man, it'd be cool if you do something for the new joint, for 'Choosy,' " he went on saying. The rapper went on saying that he wasn't offended when Shiggy asked for a check beforehand. Shiggy said that social media influencers got paid by record labels, though he didn't do that from his own pocket.

"I even told him, 'Yo, Imma see if Def Jam can get you a check.' Lemme figure it out. I'm not mad at you gettin' your money. I'm not paying you, but if Def Jam wanna cut the [check] why wouldn't I let Def Jam give him some money,' " he went on saying.

"He did the Drake thing for free," Fab pointed out, adding that Shiggy got paid "after the fact" because "it wasn't a negotiated payment beforehand. ... But you also had people who was supporting you before you was Shiggy. The internet made it a big funny story."

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