Lil' Kim Trolled for Thanking Azealia Banks for Supporting Her: She's Gonna Diss You After This
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The 'Crush on You' hitmaker takes to Instagram to show love to the 28-year-old star, thanking her for promoting her newly-released album '9' and calling her 'talented mothaf**ka.'

AceShowbiz - Azealia Banks has always been known for dragging other people, but she apparently has nothing but love for Lil' Kim. Thus, it is only natural for the Queen Bee to express her gratitude to her fellow rapper on social media. However, many of her fans are not here for it because they believe that Azealia will diss her near in the future.

Posting a video of Azealia during a photoshoot, Kim said on Instagram, "I'm always gonna acknowledge when someone is representing me in a genuine way and you've been reppin' '9' since the album dropped. Thank you @azealiabanks for acknowledging my true talent because you are one talented mothaf**ka."

Considering Azealia's past history, people were baffled by the shout-out and told Kim that she shouldn't do that. "It's only a matter of time before she dissed you Kim, you can't trust this one," someone said, as another told her, "Kim, sis...she gon be talking s**t about you next week with her flip flopping a**." Some others, meanwhile, simply reacted by crying-laughing emojis.

"Azealia gone cuss her out in 3...2...1," another commented, while one other predicted that the "Anna Wintour" rapper would be "calling Kim washed" in six months. Meanwhile, someone said that it would be happening faster, "Lmfaooo & Watch Azalea Drag Her A** Next Week." One person said, "Azealia would listen to you one day then call you jigsaw the very next one.. lmao."

Someone else echoed, "She'll be dragging Kim next week calling her a muppet," as another individual warned Kim, "Girl, she's about to suck up to you and stab you in the face, the first opportunity she gets! Good luck tho." There was also one person who said, "Lmaooo she gonna be getting curse out later ya know how Azealia is she be showing love one minute and the next thing you know she calling you all type of names."

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