K-Pop Star Kang Daniel to Take Hiatus After Alarming Posts, Reveals Depression Diagnosis

Just a day prior to the hiatus announcement, the South Korean heartthrob made fans worried by posting several alarming messages which included one that read, 'Someone please save me.'

AceShowbiz - Kang Daniel is opening up about his mental health. Through his agency, KONNECT Entertainment, the South Korean heartthrob has announced that he will be taking a break from his activities as his health continues to deteriorate following depression and panic disorder diagnosis.

In the statement issued on Wednesday, December 4 local time, it's revealed that Daniel received the diagnosis in the first half of the year and he has been focusing on treatment through "psychotherapy and medication." However, because he "recently expressed more severe symptoms of anxiety," the star decided to take a rest to ensure his health and safety.

In addition to canceling the recording for MBC's "Show Champion", his agency admitted "it's difficult to continue promotions for his digital single 'Touchin' ' in this situation." The statement continued to read, "We deeply apologized to fans, broadcasting stations, media outlets and all other related personnel for causing concern with this sudden news. We will take all measures possible for Kang Daniel to recover his health, and we will once again keep in mind the responsibility given to an agency to protect its artist."

Fans have also be advised to "refrain from making speculations and causing misunderstanding regarding Kang Daniel's health and future activities. We will prepare a way to keep you informed about the process of his recovery."

This arrives shortly after Daniel worried fans with a series of alarming posts shared on his official Fancafe. In the posts, he bared his heard out about how he's been struggling from all the false rumors and malicious comments. "It's too much. I'm so tired. How can it be this hard? It's just been so difficult. Someone please save me," he wrote in one post.

In a separate post, he lamented over how everything he does becomes the butt of the joke, "The photos of myself kneeling after the end of Wanna One's concert and the emotions I was feeling at the time has become a weapon to make fun of me. How they edit everything that I do to make it look bad. How the music and performances that I love are being treated like trash."

He continued, "How the fans that I treasured are being ridiculed. How my family is getting cursed out instead of me. How it's suddenly become a crime to say that they like me. Just everything is really too difficult. The fact that I am me is too difficult." Daniel said that he had been dealing with this kind of treatment since he was still a part of Wanna One, but "I'm really just so tired. I'm really having a difficult time. ...It's come to a point where I'm afraid of the sun rising again tomorrow. I'm just afraid of any news report that has my name."

"I know how everyone is cursing me out every single day. I know what words they're using and the malicious comments they're using to curse me out. I know how they're judging my life by the couple of phrases and the false rumors," he added in his last post. "I know how I've lived my life. I have really just endured it all so much. Truly. I'm too tired now."

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