Felicity Jones Holds 'The Aeronauts' Responsible for Her Fear of Heights
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During an appearance on 'Good Morning America', the 'Rogue One' actress recounts the one on-set accident that led her to think that she might have broken her back.

AceShowbiz - Felicity Jones has developed a terrific fear of heights after playing balloon pilot Amelia Wren in her new movie "The Aeronauts".

The actress reteamed with her "The Theory of Everything" co-star Eddie Redmayne for the new Tom Harper adventure and admits the drama in a balloon basket added to her phobias.

"I didn't have any fear of heights before I did the movie and then afterwards, suddenly, now I'm petrified of them," Felicity tells "Good Morning America", explaining a series of on-set accidents may have led to her new discomfort.

"On the very first day of shooting we took the balloon up," she explains. "They were doing a helicopter shot... The balloon took off and it was all fine until suddenly we hit a load of trees and Eddie and I are holding hands, bracing ourselves as we hit the ground at this incredible speed."

"The basket bounces, Eddie and I bounce to the back. I think that I've broken my back... and we're just sort of like lying there, thinking that we might be paralysed... We were back at work at 5 A.M. the next day."

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