Blueface Bows Out of His Beef With Yung Ro - Find Out Why!

The Cash Money hip-hop star backs out of his feud with the new Dream Chasers rapper while warning about police after he got violent threats from the latter's pal.

AceShowbiz - The feud between Blueface and Meek Mill's new artist Yung Ro turned ugly. An acquaintance of Young Ro apparently flashed his guns on Instagram Live and threatened to shoot Blueface and his sister Kali following their war of words with Ro on social media.

Blueface decided it's not worth risking his career and so chose to back out. "Never forget the police are watching," the Cash Money rapper commented. "This where I exit I got pending cases." Still, he left a parting shot, "Anybody showing guns on a gram ain't into no type of street activity."

Blueface bows out of Yung Ro feud

Blueface bows out of Yung Ro feud

The feud started when Blueface disagreed with Yung Ro for saying he would rather use his money to take care of his family first before splurging on some jewelry. He then clarified, "Ain't say none disrespectful direct but take it how you wanna take it."

As their feud continued, Blueface's sister Kali was dragged into the mess. "I'm not going to do you like yo brother did," Ro texted her, shooting his shot while referring to an incident where she and her mother were allegedly kicked out of Blueface's house.

She was not impressed, however. "Trying to mind my business but you wanna keep going @yungro777," she responded and flatly turned him down. "You got a lot of heart little n***a, but I'm good boo." She even added nauseous and vomiting face emoji.

Meek Mill was not happy either. Calling it a "kiddy s**t," he wanted people to stop name-dropping him when reporting news about the two young rappers' childish play. He tweeted, "I don't want any involvement in that s**t and 'yes I am really cut like that' I'm tryna change a law right now!"

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