City Girls' Yung Miami Baffles Fans With New Pics of Daughter After Vowing Not to Post Them Again

Summer looks totally adorable in the photos though, as the little bundle of joy is seen sleeping soundly while being wrapped in a pink cloth and has a flower crown on her head.

AceShowbiz - Yung Miami's daughter Summer is just so adorable her mother can't resist the temptation to share her cuteness with the world. Just days after she vowed not to post photos of the baby daughter anymore, the one-half of City Girls shared on Instagram on Monday, December 2 new images of the little bundle of joy.

In the photos, a sleeping Summer was wrapped in a pink cloth and had a flower crown on her head as she was put into a beautifully-arranged basket. One photo was taken behind the scenes of the photo shoot, showing Summer sleeping soundly in a white blanket. "God sent me an angel," so Miami wrote in the caption.

While Summer totally looked cute in the photos, many were baffled with the fact that Miami shared the photos shortly after she declared she wouldn't post images of her daughter ever again as people tried to earn money using Summer's fake Instagram accounts. "This baby is gorgeous but didn't she just say she wasn't posting nvm," one wrote, as another similarly said, "Awww but I thought she said we was gone get no more pics."

"I thought she wasn't showing her anymore , she is beautiful... children are precious," someone else echoed, to which an individual replied, "Nothing like that new mom attention." One other said, "Didn't see just rant how she not posing Her child Nomore." This prompted several people to reply by suggesting that Miami could be changing her mind.

Miami announced that she gave birth to Summer on Friday, October 18. In late last month, the rapper shared the first look of her daughter's face, before she announced she would not post anymore photos of her daughter as she expressed her hatred towards people who ran fake accounts of Summer. "Not posting my baby no more y'all people are sick. So good luck with the 3 pic y'all got," she said at the time.

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