YouTubers Taylor Girlz Blasted for Putting Vibrator in 14-Year-Old Sister's Panties as a Prank

In the video, Daysha and Ti Taylor can be seen following their sister, Trinity, around the mall as they watch her get so uncomfortable she ends up lying on the floor.

AceShowbiz - There are a lot of ways for people to play a prank on someone, but many agree that Taylor Girlz's is not it. Instead of making people laugh with them, the YouTube stars and musicians received heavy backlash after they uploaded a video of them pulling a prank on their 14-year-old sister, Trinity Taylor, by making her wear vibrating panties.

In the video, Daysha and Ti Taylor could be seen following their sister around the mall and watching her reaction after the two made her wear the sex toy. At one point, Trinity got so uncomfortable she couldn't help but lying on the floor as saying, "There's something wrong. What the f**k is happening?" She was also breathing heavily.

When Trinity learned of what her older sisters' did to her, she was understandably angry. In their defense, Ti told the teenager, "Listen, we did it to teach you a lesson." But Trinity didn't buy the excuse, prompting the two to say that it would hurt more during sex with men.

While the sisters appeared to be reconciling after the argument, social media users were still boiling with anger and proceeded to blast Taylor Girlz for what they did. One even said that the girls "need to go to JAIL that s**t is not funny. That's f***ing sexual assault on a minor and child pornography. That's sick." Someone echoed, "Sexual assault and child pornography. Both of y'all need to be charged. It doesn't matter if it was a fake prank either y'all posted it to your young audience using your 14 years old sister. DISGUSTING!!!"

"Taylor Girlz thought it was cute and funny to put a vibrator in their 13 year old sister panties and put it on YouTube? Weird if you ask me b***es do anything for views," another said. "That's child pornography. I hope they get a knock on their door soon. They really thought their young audience wanted to see a 14 years old being used for a prank in a sexual way," one other wrote.

Taylor Girlz has yet to respond to this, though the video has gotten taken down from YouTube.

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