Blueface Disses Meek Mill and His New Artist Yung Ro

Blueface who kicked his family out of his house disagrees with the new Dream Chasers rapper for dismissing jewelery as unnecessary items and choosing to take care of his loved ones instead.

AceShowbiz - Blueface took a jab at Meek Mill and his new artist Yung Ro who just got signed into the Dream Chasers Records. Blueface mocked Yung Ro, suggesting he should have signed a record deal that could get him a check to take care of his family while still having enough money to splurge on jewelry.

It all started with Yung Ro getting trolled by the internet for not wearing a single chain as he stood next to his label boss in an Instagram picture. The new rapper later explained that he would rather use his money to buy his mother a house and pay for his grandmother's medical treatments than buying a bunch of jewelry just to make himself look cool.

As Yung Ro's video went viral, Blueface who kicked his own mother and sister out of his house commented on his own Instagram, "If you sign a deal an you can't afford 50 for a chain an 50 to get yo granny off dialysis an another 100 for to put down on yo momma house you shouldn't have signed that on Cryp."

The rapper who was signed into Birdman's Cash Money Records apparently faced criticisms over his comment as he defended himself in his next post, "Here come the fans finna instigate like I said some disrespectful I'm just giving advice for the next artist take it how you wanna take it tho syc [shrug]."

While Yung Ro deemed bling-bling unnecessary, Blueface called it an investment. "Invest in ya self a chain is more then a chain in this rap shyt its all about da image it's not about how good you rap or how good you freestyle its 2020 it's a popularity contest," the Cash Money artist claimed.

"You get paid based off how cool you look an how much you appeal to your fan base it's a new rapper every 5 min you gotta sticc if you want longevity in this shyt y do think people notice if you don't have a chain," he continued.

Blueface comments on Yung Ro's video

Blueface comments on Yung Ro's video

Meek Mill kept silent, but Yung Ro responded by sending Blueface a direct message. "Why u speaking on my situation?" he asked, to which Blueface responded, "I don't know you or yah situation young brudda…that was my opinion on the 15 second clip I seen of yah."

Yung Ro sends Blueface a direct message

Yung Ro sends Blueface a direct message

Blueface continued, "If you C yah self makin it far in this industry everybody gone have an opinion that just come with the shyt don't let the media gas you up ain't say none disrespectful direct but take it how you wanna take it if anything you only gone get more followers from it which is always good for business."

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