Dove Cameron Plans to Pay Tribute to Late Father With New Tattoo

Although her father strongly objected when she got her first body ink, the 'Descendants' actress reveals that she wants to add 'Candy is dandy' to her tattoo collection in his honor.

AceShowbiz - Actress and singer Dove Cameron is planning to pay tribute to her dad with a new tattoo, even though he strongly objected when she got her first one.

The Disney TV favourite was 14 when a pal with a tattoo gun asked her to be his first client and she upset her folks, but now she wants to honour her father with some new ink.

The 23-year-old told Refinery29, "My dad passed away when I was 15, and when I was younger he used to always have me say, 'Candy is dandy but liquor is quicker'. I think it's from Willy Wonka, but it's such an inappropriate thing for a child to say."

"He would always send me up to people and be like, 'Go tell that person what I said!' It would p**s off my grandparents to no end and it makes me laugh so much and reminds me of the kind of person he was.

"I don't have any tattoos for my dad yet, so I am planning to get 'Candy is dandy' soon."

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