Blueface Shares Video of 'World's Dumbest Criminals' Trying to Rob His Home

In response to the posts, some fans appears to think that the robbery attempt is rather predictable as one comments, 'This is what flashing all your belongings on social media gets you.'

AceShowbiz - Blueface has a rather unconventional response when he found out there were burglars who tried to break into his home. Instead of calling the authorities as soon as possible, the rapper took to his social media account to share a video of the failed robbery.

The hip-hop star, who is currently in Dubai doing his shows, calmly shared on Instagram Stories some surveillance footage of his home this weekend being attempted to be broken into. "I got 5k whoever send me his @ name or government name," the "Thotiana" spitter captioned one of the videos.

However, it seemed like he didn't need to pay anyone because the robbers said their names on camera. "Nvm he said the name for me," Blueface added. He then dubbed the three burglars "worlds dumbest criminals."

In response to the posts, some fans appeared to think that the robbery attempt was rather predictable. "This is what flashing all your belongings on social media gets you," one fan wrote underneath The Shade Room's post of Blueface's videos. "He flashes all that jewelry and money. what did he expect ?" another user commented.

Another fan said, "He deserves it the way he did his mother," referring to the rapper's drama with his mom and sister. Others started trolling Blueface by telling that the men were probably sent by his mom and sister, or they were "one of his homeboys robbing him."

Meanwhile, some others mocked the criminal who looked "so lost & confused." One person added, "They dont even know what to do first lmfaoooooo, caught slackin."

Someone else, however, thought that this might be "staged." Echoing the sentiment, another user added, "I wouldn't be surprise if he's doing this for Clout the music ain't selling."

Although Blueface didn't explicitly confirm this, but it was high likely that he already notified police or had the situation handled before any of the three men were successful in breaking in.

The breaking-in attempt aside, Blueface is gearing up a new album titled "Find the Beat" which is reportedly to be released on December 6. The new album will offer featurings from Jeremih, NLE Choppa, DaBaby, Lil Baby and Gunna among others.

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