Fetty Wap Reveals Painful Childhood as He Responds to His Wife's Abuse Accusations

Amid his family feud with estranged wife, the 'Trap Queen' rapper tells his Instagram followers that he didn't know how to show love because nobody had ever taught him.

AceShowbiz - Fetty Wap got candid as he finally broke his silence on the family drama that involved not only him and his wife Leandra K. Gonzalez but also one of his baby mamas Masika Kalysha. He opened up on his painful childhood while addressing the situation.

In a now-deleted post on Instagram, the "Trap Queen" rapper responded to Leandra's accusations that he had abused her, "My whole life been nothing but pain so if I tell you I love you I really do. I just have a hard way of showing it. Nobody ever showed me."

The hip-hop star continued, "My pride won't let me apologize even if I know I'm wrong. … I don't show emotions. I barely express love … I never had a normal life I just make this s**t look good."

Leandra hasn't commented on Fetty's post, but she blasted her husband yet again in a new video. She claimed he yelled at her to give her ring back following their wedding in September. According to her, the rapper took the ring six times in a month.

Fetty and Leandra married in a private ceremony, but they soon showed signs of trouble in paradise as they deleted each other on Instagram. Things were not looking any better when Masika launched angry tirade at Leandra, calling her a "w***e" and "h**" for taking a picture of her daughter.

Leandra said she didn't have any ill intentions as she explained, "We were singing a song while we was washing our hands." Although she was not OK with Masika calling her names, Leandra apologized, "I am a mother so yes I can surely humble myself and apologize."

Leandra also addressed her tumultuous marriage and claimed in a cryptic note that Fetty "switched up." She additionally said she dealt with "so much abuse" as she opened up, "I came into this s**t genuine and real! No intentions no motives none of that and anyone that knows us will tell you that! Im not going to allow anyone to abuse me and sit around for the sake of saying Im married!"

She planned to get divorce but Fetty begged her to stay. "Please don't give up on me … I only have you in my corner I will lose everything if I lose you," he texted her. "Please bae. I will nothing but peace and happiness. I will love you everyday for the rest of my life. I will never make this mistake again."

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