Tyler, The Creator Offends Women With Joke About His Sexuality

The 'Earfquake' rapper, who has been the subject of speculation regarding his sexuality, alludes to his same-sex relationships in a new interview with GQ.

AceShowbiz - Tyler, The Creator has once again dropped a hint about his sexuality. The Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All member has been recently profiled by GQ, which addresses the controversy he caused with lyrics in his songs.

As the publication notes, nowadays "he rapped about his romantic involvement with men-without bothering to stage a coming-out moment-marking a perspective shift for anyone who believed he was homophobic." Quoted by the magazine, the 28-year-old jokes about his sexual preference, "I like girls-I just end up f**king their brother every time."

While those who have been familiar with his jokes think his remark is funny, some others find it offensive. A bewildered social media user reacts on Instagram, "Huh?!" Those who don't like his joke write comments like, "WTF nahhhh man" and "Yikesssss."

Another wittily warns women, "Ladies... hide your brothers!! It used to be hide your purse." A parent expresses concern at the influence Tyler has on her/his daughter, writing, "And my daughter loves this kid. Guess I need to start paying more attention to what she listens to."

Clearly offended, someone comments, "The women laughing @ this is the reason why men say y'all raise sensitive boys. This was not funny." Others accuse Tyler of trolling women, with some of them writing, "Ok is he really gay or be trolling us I need a reliable source answer" and "Ok we get it, he's gay. Let's all move on from this trolling from this guy already."

Tyler has never straight out described himself as gay, but he was believed to be coming out of the closet on his fourth studio album "Flower Boy", which was released in 2017. In an interview from the same year, he also opened up that he had a boyfriend when he was 15 years old. Appearing to backtrack the boyfriend confession, he later took to his Twitter account to address it, writing, "Figure of speech to get Koopz 'open minded' point across, I was single at 15 haha."

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