Moniece Slaughter Asks Masika Kalysha to Help Her Sue Lil Fizz Over 'Good Lotion' Video

Taking to Instagram Stories, the B2K member's baby mama announces her plan to take him to court because she believes she wasn't paid enough for her appearance in the visuals.

AceShowbiz - Moniece Slaughter apparently still has so much bitter feelings towards her ex-boyfriend and baby daddy Lil Fizz that she has decided to take him to the court. On Wednesday, November 20, the reality TV star announced her plan to sue the B2K member over her appearance in his "Good Lotion" music video and she had been going around on social media to search for someone who was willing to help her.

Taking to Instagram Stories, the "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" beauty said, "I think I'm going to sue my baby daddy for my role in the good lotion video. I mean it only did what it did cuz I made an appearance. Lol." She then pointed out she should at least "get triple my day rate" considering that she allegedly had put so much effort on the set that she had bags under her eyes.

Tagging a couple of lawyers she knows, Moniece told them that she needs "one of you to figure out how to recoup my coins." However, the two lawyers apparently weren't enough because Moniece later was seen joining Masika Kalysha's Instagram Live session to ask her, "Can you help me sue dreux for my role in good lotion video."

Masika has yet to respond to Moniece's request, though one of the lawyers that she tagged on her post had told her that he's more than ready to represent the star. Meanwhile, Fizz remains quiet.

Moniece and Fizz dated for many years and even share a son named Kamron, who was born in 2010. The exes don't have a nice relationship after their split, and it only gets worse when the R&B singer starts dating Apryl Jones, the baby mama of his groupmate Omarion. Moniece often blasts the pair on social media.

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